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Another hog at the internet trough...

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another hog at the internet trough
29 May
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  • rambert@livejournal.com

I'm into Situationism, Mel Brooks, Python, punk rock, the Von Trapp family...pretty much anything involving Nazis and dancing.

Random Formative Event:

I was locked in an abandoned refrigerator as a child. During the intervening months, I subsisted on holiday fruitcake and moldy Eskimo Pies. Eventually, I was released. Other than the occasional habit of referring to ice cube trays as: "Mommy," the ordeal seems to have produced no lasting side effects.

(On the plus side, I formed a friendship with the crisper drawer that continues to this day.)

Obligatory legalese:

Steal a single syllable of this journal and your genitals will fall-off in the shower. (Sorry, my lawyer made me say it)

a clockwork orange, a.m. homes, albert camus, albert einstein, anal linguistics, andre breton, ang lee, aretha franklin, banana yoshimoto, beatles, bebop, beer, bell hooks, blatant disregard, blonde redhead, bobby zim, bootsy collins, britpop, buddhism, buddy guy, bukka white, cats, chet atkins, chile peppers, chrissie hynde, christopher smart, coen brothers, cooking, cynthia ozick, danny gatton, david amram, denis johnson, digital recording, don delillo, dostoyevski, dream syndicate, edward gorey, elvin jones, emile zola, epistemology, erica jong, flaming groovies, frida kahlo, fritz perls, george jones, greg tate, guitarplaying, hanif kureishi, hank williams, harlan ellison, harold and maude, hellecasters, henry miller, hermann hesse, honky tonk country, html, hubert selby, hunter s. thompson, iggy&the stooges, iris murdoch, j.g. ballard, jack kerouac, james joyce, jean-paul sartre, jennifer jason leigh, jessica lange, jim carroll, jim harrison, jim thompson, john irving, john kennedy toole, john lennon, johnny cash, julien gracq, kate bush, kate wheeler, kinky friedman, leo kotke, lint, lucinda williams, martin amis, marty robbins, metaphysics, metempsychosis, michael ondaatje, milan kundera, mixology, nick drake, nick tosches, nietzsche, nina simone, pablo picasso, patti smith, paul auster, pete hamill, rahsaan roland kirk, ravi shankar, richard lloyd, richard thompson, richmond fontaine, robert stone, roddy doyle, saul bellow, semi-responsible drinking, serge gainsbourg, simone de beauvoir, skunk anansie, son house, stanley kubrick, steely dan, steve almond, stillbirth of the cool, stuart dybek, surrealism, suzie bright, t-rex, t.c. boyle, terry gilliam's brazil, terry southern, the band, the gourds, the kinks, the meters, the ramones, the wicker man, thom jones, thomas mcguane, time, tiny squares of sandpaper, velvet underground, vincent van gogh, vintage guitars, warren zevon, wes montgomery, wildness, will self, william blake, william burroughs, william faulkner, william kennedy, william t. vollman, wine, women with aberrant dentition, world religions, writing, x, yukio mishima, zappa, zazen, ziggy stardust

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