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the best band in the universe

Just twigged on this, a memory from long ago: I'm sitting in my mother's house, watching TV. Clicking through channels, I find a killer live version of Stevie Wonder's song, 'Superstition.'

I shimmy into my chair, commence to enjoy the funk.

Just then, two friends walk through the door, hefting cases of beer on their shoulders. As the last strains of Stevie's electric piano fade, Ernie and Burt fill the screen. My buddies gawk at the Muppets, give me a look of total disgust, spin on their heels and leave. For several days in school, I am ostracized. Even now, I don't think the fuckers entirely believe me, (and I never did find out what happened to Ernie's ice cube collection).

Through band practices and pub debates I voice my conviction that Dr. Teeth and The Electric Mayhem are among the world's best bands. There is scoffing, and there is ridicule. Yet the evidence remains

Buddy Rich

Alice Cooper

Johnny Cash w/The Electric Mayhem

The Muppets do Rammstein

The Electric Mayhem: Behind The Music

behind the music
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